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About us

LogicBC is a company founded by electronics engineers. Extensive experience in aerospace safety critical applications, together with focus on quality management processes give us great advantage in ASIC development business. We have a great experience in executing projects compliant to the DO254 guidance of all criticality levels. Due to its dynamic growth, our target is also automotive industry and ISO26262 related designs. We are sure that best practices used in aerospace will suit very well also the automotive industry needs.

What we do?

We are the experts that you seek!

LogicBC is offering services related to Avionics and Automotive hardware design and certification.

The Customer Information Flow

LogicBC is constantly focused on meeting customer needs. We at LogicBC have been working with suppliers from different world regions and different organizations and therefore recognize the basic challenge involved in managing and controlling the... More

Gap Analysis

It is not uncommon that Company aiming at entering aviation market or automotive market has been developing their product for other markets for some time. It is also true for companies serving the general aviation market that now need to certify their existing... More

Project Support

LogicBC offers more than 20 years experience in developing and certifying programmable logic devices for avionics projects. We offer our expertise in both performing the project tasks assigned and managing entire development of programmable device... More


LogicBC offers an onsite or online set of trainings related to DO254. The suite is targeted at explaining the guideline itself but also through additional training modules explains a practitioners approach to gaining compliance. In order to gain detailed information... More

Our Customers


Senior ASIC engineer

As Senior ASIC engineer you will: work on projects for the biggest players in ASIC world, design and verify digital circuits using VHDL/SystemVerilog languages   (in